If I Had One Wish

It’s For All of Us

If I had one wish,

It would be

That there is no more racism.

However, there would still be War…

Then, my one wish would be

No more war.

But then there would still be crimes against humanity.

So then maybe my wish would be no more corruption in the establishments and governments around the world.

But that’s not exactly right either.

If I had one wish, I know what it would be.

My wish would be to stop hate.

To stop all the hating.

That hate, in general, be exonerated, transmuted.

Then, we don’t have racism anymore because we don’t hate people based on their skin color.

Then, we don’t have war anymore because we don’t have the hate fueled battles and the need for control over one another.

We also wouldn’t have crimes against humanity or a government that we can’t trust, because they would love us unconditionally.

They would be fueled by love, the opposite of hate.

They would treat us with love and sacredness and cautiousness because they have no anger produced by ignorance and naivety, they have no need to kill for money, they have no need for drama.

So I guess the message is that hate is the root of all evil.

Hate causes racism, hate causes war, hate causes destruction amongst brothers and sisters.

Love, however, is the other side of the same coin.

Love is what brings us together, love is what causes trust, love is what allows us to exist freely in happiness and joy.

Love is what leads to acceptance and kindness.

Love is what causes a world truly worth living in.

Stop the hate.

That is my one wish.


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