Combating Self Doubt

Repelling the Most Toxic Pollutant of the Mind and Soul

Photo by David Lee on Unsplash

Self Doubt is a monster that dwells within us when we begin living outside of our comfort zone.

It is that voice that creeps in so slyly that you almost don’t notice it until you are already engulfed. The voice that says you aren’t good enough, that compares you to others, that reminds you of past failures.

Negative self talk and self doubt are basically the same but self doubt is straight to the core without beating around the bush. It addresses the actual goal and convinces you that it’s not going to work and you may as well give up.

It hurts. A lot.

I have heard a lot about self doubt recently, probably because I have been experiencing it myself.

It seems that that happens: The Universe reminds us of the message(s) that we need to listen to via different mediums in the life around us.

Negative emotions are just that: Messages. They bring our attention to something that is causing us pain so that we can act form our Soul to repair it. The emotions keep coming and the Universe keeps reminding us of their existence until we take actions.

The Popular Advice For Handling Self Doubt

Many of the people that I have heard speak of this cruel experience lately have said the same basic things about self doubt and negative self talk: Ignore it.

Ignore it and know that it is just your own self sabotaging getting in the way of your dreams manifesting in front of you.

While I agree that the feelings of doubt are just a distraction and an illusion, I can’t say that I agree with ignoring them. Instead, I go directly to the source.

Going to the Source

See, I could just ignore the feelings of inferiority, not being good enough, and perpetual failure worries that are associated with self doubt, but I will then have to ignore them again in an hour, in a day, in a month when they creep up again.

Instead, I take the daunting task of going to my own core and seeking the answers. I ask for answers from my own Intuition/Higher Self and I ask for signs from the Universe. Something else that proves to be effective is thinking deeply back into my past of what may have caused these fear-based feelings to begin with.

Was it that I bullied in school? Is it because my parents may have held me to a higher standard than what was ever realistic?

The idea isn’t to become a victim, but a victor.

I believe that if we are able to get to the cause of the issue, we can heal ourselves from there. We can open a brand new door that we didn’t know exists and we can step through it with confidence and trust in ourselves.

Quick Aid in the Moment

Meditation, deep thought, and soul work are preferred modes of healing for me personally. However, I get it that not everyone, including myself, has time for that every time that creeping voice shows up.

So, for a quick aid in the moment, I use mantras and thought shifts. I change the thought; I flip the vibe.

For example: I’m writing an article and this thought slithers in my head saying “Your writing is never going to catch an audience. Maybe you should go eat something or take a nap; You’re great at that.” (Ok, ouch, right?) Well, right away before acting on anything or letting that negativity change my frequency, I shift the thought and I force myself to think something positive and new. Without much effort, I think to myself “I am writing something meaningful and self-healing. Whoever reads it may be touched by it and whoever doesn’t, will find it eventually if it’s meant to be.”

Boom. I feel so much better and I keep writing.

The best part about this quick fix is: Eventually it becomes habit.

There are so many aspects of our minds that we don’t understand yet and so many aspects that are still hidden in the subconscious. That’s a fact.

For this reason, it is even more important to grab ahold of the parts of us that we do see and can find. If we can heal that which we are aware of, we are that much closer to healing the rest.


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