Self-Inflicted Creator’s Block

Understanding and Overcoming the Obstacles 

We have all been there before. We are creating and feeling the good energy and loving the flow of it all, and then something happens and we are stuck, paralyzed, unable to create. We may even begin to doubt the very conception of our own idea to utilize our creative energy to begin with. 

In the writing community we hear the term Writer’s Block and we ponder and debate the very idea of it. However, all creative ventures have a block of their own. 

For me, the creative block came on rather quickly upon deciding that writing publicly would be my new venture. 

One day I am writing and simultaneously thinking of new things to write about and I am feeling so empowered and ready to rock the world. The next day, I am avoiding even looking at my computer. 

What happened between the first writing spree and the second writing lull? Did I forget how to write? No. Did someone read something that I wrote and burst out into hysterical laughter at the atrocity of what they just read? Thankfully, no. What is the issue, then?

Photo by Leighann Renee on Unsplash

After a couple of dry weeks and a few too many awkward side-eye glances to the computer that has done nothing to me but archive and aid the creation of articles from my once quick mind, I finally started to give my dilemma some actual thought. In doing so, I was able to uncover a few reasons, or obstacles, that caused my change in writing frequency. 

Unfortunately (and fortunately, in a sense), it seems these obstacles are quite natural phenomena for writers, and creatives in general. It would make sense that the obstacles ebb and flow through the entirety of the artistic journey. It may even be so that they only go away once the writer has A) had a recent ego death in which they have a new mental and spiritual outlook on life and individual ability or B) take off with their writing career and are fully aware of their prowess and therefore don’t worry as much and in turn don’t sweat the below worry-induced blocks. 

Either way, after giving this a lot of thought, I have come up with a few reasons for the loss of mojo that many call creator’s block, or writer’s block. Uncovering these obstacles has helped me also find my way back to the path. My hope is that sharing them will help others find their way back to their path, as well. 

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Money Worries

We live in a society that has become overwhelmingly monetized. Everything costs money. We literally have to pay to live and we have to pay even more to live the life we want and have the things that make life worth living, like a family and hobbies and pets, etc.

So, when we start thinking about turning the other cheek to mainstream career paths and doing something new and creative that we actually love, the second thought is naturally going to be about money. How much money will I make? How will I make more money? Will I even make money?

The more money-talk circulating in our minds, the more worry that starts compiling, the more we begin to doubt our dreams. Next thing we know, we are pushing the dreams away altogether and settling back into our desk chair at our 8 to 5 job. Not to mention, it’s hard to sit down and confidently write something when all we can think is, “Is this going to be good enough to make money off of?” 


We need to stop worrying about money. As a matter of fact, we need to stop worrying about excess weight too, and our medical issues, and all of our other issues. Worrying about X only brings energetic attention to X and if X is a negative thing that means more of that negative thing is being cultivated. 

We must trust that we are safe and supported by the Universal Flow, or the Creator, or God, or whatever it is that we believe. We must not worry about the outcome and instead appreciate the moments leading up to it. We must understand that if this is meant to be our career, the money will come and it will flow into our life with great force.

Comparison Syndrome

I aspire to be like the human who says they never compare their success to anyone. Actually, I thought I was that human. I suppose that was before I started paying attention to something that actually matters to me.

It’s tricky not to look at a fellow writer or artist who is totally successful and not think, “What am I doing wrong? How do I get there? Will I ever get there?” It can almost be discouraging, oddly enough. 

We may find ourselves assuming there is no need for another great writer, or that we can never be them so why try?

This all stems from a long history of not feeling good enough or feeling less-than our peers. This is a thought process that is very detrimental to society as a whole and something we all need to work on overcoming. 


If this resonates, you may be in the boat with me and many others of sometimes not feeling good enough. 

Personally, I am grateful for realizing this feeling and I am working consciously on this aspect of myself. There must be a reason I don’t feel good enough at times, and there is no point in doing anything aside from searching within myself and healing whatever it is. This goes for anyone experiencing the same not-good-enough struggle. It’s worth the time and energy it takes to seek and mend that aspect!

It’s also important to realize that it’s actually a wonderful thing that there are people doing so well and being so successful out there. What that means is that the world is becoming a more enlightened place; what that means is that the world is changing. If there is someone out there doing what I do and successfully changing peoples’ lives and touching peoples’ hearts and blowing peoples’ minds, that means there is plenty of opportunity for more of that. It also means that there exists a multitude of like-minded, creative, caring, wise people in the world, which is something to be extremely thankful for!

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Overthinking What To Write

…The words are no longer ours but someone else’s.

Sometimes the subject we are writing about it so meaningful that we can’t even think of the right words to do it justice. 

Or, maybe we have been reading great books and articles that are so beautifully written that we only focus on wanting to sound that great, so we start thinking so deeply about what words to use that we don’t put anything down at all. 

Overthinking gets us in trouble in life in a lot of ways, but when it comes to creativity, it can really put the flame out quickly!


There are a lot of “right” and “wrong” ways to write and create, but the number one most important rule is to just do the thing

Write from the heart and Soul. Write what feels good. Write what reveals the answers we seek. 

We all write for a reason so if we are able to find that reason and remember that that alone makes our writing special and meaningful, we can get back to that as our focus. 

The words shouldn’t be analyzed in the light of “What will others think?” or “Who is my audience?” Because then the words lose their value; The words are no longer ours but someone else’s. Or the words never come to be at all because the analysis and overthinking has destroyed them. 

Pick a topic or story you want to tell, clear the mind of worry and self-judgment, and get to it! Write about the topic and enjoy it. The people that need to see it will see it no matter how much you analyze and overthink it.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Natural Fear and Doubt

Last but certainly not least, the most natural and human obstacle of all things: Fear and Doubt. This obstacle gets in the way of pretty much everything if we aren’t careful. 

In every decision making opportunity, Fear and Doubt are on the other side of Love and Trust. With every choice we make, we can choose the option that stems from a false need to protect ourselves from something we are worried about consciously or unconsciously by choosing from a place of fear. Or, we can choose to trust the path and the Universal Flow and choose from a place of love and understanding. 

The same process goes for how we choose to view our day, our experience, or, in this case, our creative career path.

Naturally, fear and doubt creep up on us particularly when we are going out of our comfort zone. There is that programmed voice in the back of our head questioning our abilities, questioning our potential, bringing up memories or past failures, playing back something someone said that really crushed you before, etc.


It is up to us to choose Love over Fear. It’s up to us to put our foot down and have more respect for ourselves, trust in our individual paths, and patience with the amount of time it takes to get up and running.

In order to overcome these negative feelings, we have to take a deep breath and hug ourselves. We have to remember that we are capable of just as much success and greatness as the most influential writer out there. We are all great and we all have magnificent potential to blow people away with our work.

The problem isn’t if we have potential and ability, but if we are able to combat the subconscious negative feelings that we have been programmed to believe are true. We have to be strong enough to reject self doubt and accept the fact that we will be successful.

After digging deep to find these reasons, I am completely relieved to find I am enveloped once again with a renewed confidence and ability. The same would be experienced by any writer with a like block.

 It truly is so that realizing the cause is paramount to transmuting the effect. 

Just understanding why the momentum ever slowed down really minimizes the struggle itself; Finding the solution is much easier when the veil is lifted.

We are powerful creatures.

On one hand, we have an amazing power to create our own dreams. On the other, we have an equally amazing power to completely destroy them.

Our fate and fortune is in our hands, all we have to do is embrace and trust in our power.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

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