Non-Judgemental Justice

Allowing Karma to Take the Reigns

We all have our own ways of understanding Karma. A lot of people see Karma as instantaneous – if you curse at a driver, you get cut off or if you help the elderly neighbor, you win $20 on a scratch off. However, Karma is a lot more of a way of life than it is an instantaneous process.

In Seat of the Soul, the author Gary Zukav explains Karma as an impersonal balancing of energies in the Universe that spans over all lifetimes. The Karma we create in our past and future lives affects our current life and the Karma we create in this life affects the next. The relationships we build and how we participate and act in those relationships create Karma that transcends into other relationships of this life and other lifetimes. The things that happen to us good and bad are a result of Karma.

The idea is cause and effect. We partook in the creation of the moments we find ourselves in by using our intention, subconsciously or consciously. Therefore, we are responsible and just as much a part of the outcome.

I like to think of Karma as scales; One scale is “Bad” and one scale is “Good”. When the thief steals, he or she is putting weight on to his side of the Bad scale and Karma is putting weight on to her’s to create a balanced scale. When a wasp flies into the car and the driver calmly rolls the windows down to allow the wasp to escape gracefully and peacefully, she is putting weight on her side of the Good scale, as well and Karma is adding weight on the other side to create balance, also.

That being said, everyone and everything is in the situations they are in because of their self-created Karmic balance. Everyone is exactly where they are meant to be based on how they participated in life up to this point. As Zukav explains, it is fine and understood to be compassionate for the pain and suffering of other beings, such as the homeless veteran, but it is unwise (karmically) to pass judgement of their situation good or bad because it is something that has been set up by the Universal flow of balance. It’s simply meant to be that way.

“Non-Judgmental Justice” is the term that Zukav uses to describe the balancing that is being done in the Universe. Since Karma is performing this constant act impersonally as a natural flow, there is no judgement going in to any of the reactions that occur for the person experiencing them. It is just a necessary occurrence. Justice is served to the wrong-doer and to the server, all the same.

So, there is no need for us, as Souls experiencing life, to judge either. Which is easier said than done. When someone is unkind to us or to someone else in front of us, we typically react and we want them to be punished. We want to see to it that that person gets justice and so we judge them and say they are a bad person and we go on about our day telling others about them; Some people might even physically attack this person. That person now has bad karma that will be tended to by the same Non-Judgemental Justice that the original unkind man will be greeted with.

With all of that said, it sure is tricky to put this in to work in our life. Especially, if you are sensitive and you feel everything very strongly. It can be very difficult not to at least think “Wow, what a mean thing to do, that was not okay!” It can be very difficult to move on and let go when others are hurtful or destructive.

However, it is very comforting to know that the Universe supports us so much that it has created a phenomena dedicated to balancing energies to cultivate harmony among all of us. It is comforting to know we don’t have to face all of the monsters we encounter because there is something much larger and more powerful than us that will face them.

There are many ways to cope with the sensations and feelings that come with “letting the bad guy get away” and it’s important to find what works best for us as individuals. One person may be able to simply shift their thinking and ruminate on a random thought that creates happiness and excitement in their mind and soul, whereas another person may need to go for a run or do yoga or do something creative in order to stop worrying about it.

Whatever we choose to do, it would be wise to stay mindful of the power of our existence and the energies and frequencies within and around us. We are all here for a reason and we are all responsible for our actions while we are here. We can choose to remain asleep and cozy in what we know of life based on what we sense only with our human perception. Or, we can choose to wake up, to focus and be alert which is a lot less cozy and a lot more uncomfortable at first. Keep in mind, it is believed that the benefit of the latter is far greater and more rewarding that the former. It is also believed that if we don’t allow our souls to awaken now and start on a path of conscious creation, we may be summoned by Karma herself to do it all again under different conditions unbeknownst to us.

The beauty of it (and for some, the challenge) is that the choice is ours. Choose Wisely!


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