Embracing Alone Time

Four Tips on Cultivating a [Best]Friendship With Yourself

There is something truly incredible about hanging out with yourself all the time. I say ‘all the time’ because we are in our body always.

There really is no such thing as being alone. There is such a thing as being away from others and only with your own self, but you are far from alone.

We are a Soul accompanied by a body, mind, heart, and personality. We are also accompanied by the creations of our world; be that books or different types of art mediums or thoughts that came from something we saw, watched, heard, etc.

There is plenty to do and ponder with just our own self; The trick is getting to the point that we aren’t scared or uncomfortable to do so.

I’ve compiled a list of steps to get to the point of feeling comfortable and even excited to spend some time “alone” that anyone can try and hopefully be successful with.

1. Realize that some things are better done alone.

Almost anything art related can be seen as something easier done alone. Of course, there is a lot of good that comes with doing these things as a group, but there still are some things that are easier done when we are alone in our zone.

Painting shapes and colors naked whilst listening to Alan Watts on Youtube may very well be one of the things on the list of art better done alone.

2. List of Hobbies and Interests

We are all awesome in our own way. Sometimes being okay with yourself starts with realizing what makes you great.

Write a list of things about you that makes you different and fun and great. Or just list your hobbies and go from there: Make a list of supplies, do a little research, and go with it!

3. Create a welcoming environment… For Yourself.

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in an environment? Or, do you ever think of how a particular moment could be better? Hopefully not, obviously, because the point is to be content with whatever moment you experience but you know: It happens.

We have the opportunity to exist in the best possible environment. It’s existing in the environment that we created.

Maybe it’s candles, maybe it’s essential oils, maybe it’s something outside, like a familiar breeze. Whatever it is that we want to be around, we can create and we can be around that.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Oddly enough, hanging out with your self is something that takes practice.

To get to the point of wanting to run home and hang out with yourself for hours on end, you must practice by spending time alone.

One must truly treat their own Self as a person with whom one wants to foster a relationship with in order to get to know themselves deeply and assure that their interests and needs are met .

Self Love is a kind, comforting, warm, instant remedy to life’s bizarre qualms. As scary and unstable as life becomes sometimes, we can count on ourselves to be there for us. We are with ourselves always. We think and we listen to ourselves more than anyone else. We seek understanding from within which alone proves that we rely on ourselves and need ourselves.

Another great thing about self-care is that it’s free and convenient. Anyone can do it at any time. At any given moment, anyone can alter their life by choosing to love themselves.

Imagine if we all trusted ourselves, believed our intuition and inner voice, made decisions in our life based around what feels comfortable for our own deep self. Imagine if we never got hurt or hurt others because we were so loved — from ourselves — that we knew and understood that everything truly is alright.

If we all just exhibited the power to imagine such a reality, we all have the power to bring that reality into existence.


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